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Well Drilling

At Flood’s Well Drilling LTD, we use advanced drilling techniques in order to yield the greatest amount of water for our customers. In our years of experience, we have drilled wells for all types of applications including domestic supply, farm supply, racecourses, factories, county councils and much more.

Flood’s Well Drilling LTD is fully registered and insured. We undertake state grant approved work, for more information on available grants, call us on 053 924 4245

There are many advantages to drilling your own water, including:

Water that is free of chemicals

Stronger water pressure

No connection fee to the local water authority

Our service is comprehensive and hassle-free. We will visit you to discuss your requirements and assist in locating a suitable site for your well. We offer sound advice on all types of well boring, pump selection and water treatment and using our extensive knowledge can suggest which solutions are best suited to your requirements. We are also able to assist with deepening and cleaning existing wells.

For our commercial and industrial customers, we can drill monitoring wells to keep track of the quality of ground water on-site.

If you are interested in having an efficient, high-quality well installed, contact Flood’s Well Drilling LTD

Well Testing

We offer a complete testing service for yield and quality of your existing well. This involves pumping the well for a set period to examine whether it is able to sustain a strong flow of water. We can also send your water for quality testing in a fully equipped laboratory and with the results recommend a suitable filtration system if required.

Well Grouting

Flood’s Well Drilling LTD can install reliable grout seals to protect your well from contamination. Grouting is particularly important in high-density housing areas or areas with commercial work where the wells can become exposed to bacteria, chemicals etc. Grouting is pumped into the space between the drilled hole and the well casing, ensuring nothing can pass through.

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