Water Pumps

Having drilled the well Flood’s Well Drilling LTD also offer a range of pumps to maximise water returns. Our pumps are available in a variety of specifications and we are always available to provide sound advice on which options are most suitable for you.

Booster Pumps

The multi-boost pumpset for houses and apartments is ideal where there is low mains water pressure and where the pressure fluctuates. These pumps are controlled electronically through a flow switch unit which automatically starts the pump once a tap is opened. These pumps provide low running costs and minimal noise.

If you are interested in having a high-quality water pump installed call us on 053 924 4245

Overhead Pumps

We supply and install overhead pumps which can be used with pressure vessels, variable speed drives, and electronic controllers. Overhead pumps are useful for a variety of applications, including:

Water distribution

Rain water collection

Industrial washing equipment

Pressure boosting

General industry


Water treatment

Cooling and chilling

Swimming pools

Submersible Pumps

We supply Franklin Motors submersible pumps in order to give our customers the best in reliability and cost efficiency. We have motors ranging from 0.37Kw to 7.5 kW, featuring the industry’s widest range of voltage and frequency ratings in both single-phase and three-phase models. We also supply and fit control starters to match the motor required. Our starter boxes for 4” Franklin motors are PVC with run and trip lights, on/off switch, overload with re-set button and capacitor. For larger motors, we can customise to suit the customer’s requirements. We also offer a wide range of variable speed drives for use in single or multiple motor combinations.

Sump Pumps

Flood’s Well Drilling LTD also supplies a range of sump pumps catering to all types of requirements. We stock Vortex pumps which are recommended for domestic, civil and industrial use in applications where the water contains suspended solids up to 50mm diameter. These pumps are available from 0.6 to 1.1 kW in single and three phase versions ideal for cellar drainage, milking parlours, septic tanks, water fountains, water ponds and general drainage duties.

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Wash-Down Pumps

These pumps are high-volume and high-pressure, suited to washing down large dirt deposits. Wash down pumps are often used for the following requirements:

  • Farms
  • Stables
  • Kennels
  • Abattoirs
  • Quarries
  • Many other industrial & agricultural applications